The flex Studios Competition Group

Photo Credit: Jay Eads

Directors: Angela Dunham & Lindsey Shields

Members Pictures: Grace Ault-Hanlon, Sydney Bineham, Devyn Boonstra, Autumn Dechter, Sesca Lindh-Nussbaum, Jessie McCann, Maggie McCann, Ady Walker, Sarah Dione, Lily Hansen, Savannah Lash, Allyssa Mini, Hanna Pavulans-Sherwood, Devan Strandburg, Anna Philan, Gabriel Warren.

The flex Studios Competition Group (TFSC) is the most advanced group of dancers ages 11-19 at flex Studios.

This competition group is a contemporary hip hop hybrid. Each piece competed is hand selected by the choreographer during the audition process. Dancers may be cast in anywhere from 1-7 pieces for competition.

Some members will compete in both genres of dance and some in just one. This group will compete locally as well as travel within the state of Oregon and beyond. Members are expected to have a minimum of 5 years of training in both contemporary and hip hop genres, as well as meet all directors requirements for the group.

flex Studios is looking for driven, talented, diverse and nonjudgemental dancers with previous technical training for their creative award winning competition group.

Please inquire for additional information.


Placement on a Competition Group is based on the following criteria; technique, potential, commitment level, enthusiasm, attitude, in class behavior, positive community image, positive social media presence, class attendance, stage presence and auditions.

All members must audition for placement. Auditions are scheduled for Thursday September 12th 7:00-9:30pm.


Attendance and positive attitude are key components to maintaining a position as a competition group member. Just as sports teams require all players to attend practices, performance groups require their dancers to attend all classes and rehearsals. Each dancer is allowed up to two unexcused absences. Being sick is always excused and we encourage dancers to stay home and heal.


The flex Studios Competition Group runs September through June with a commitment to the Lane County Fair in July 2020.

This group will participate in 3 out of town competitions, 1 local competition, The Northwest Dance Festival, flex Studios annual benefit concert and all 3 end of the year flex Studios concerts June 19th, 20th & 21st. In addition they will participate in 2-3 additional performance opportunities throughout the community during the 2019-2020 season.

Each member is required to enrolled in Performance Group Ballet, Competition Group Ballet, Advanced Contemporary Techniques or Advanced Contemporary Jazz and Advanced Hip Hop. Tap and additional Ballet classes highly recommend.

Members are required to purchase the flex Studios competition group uniform pieces including proper footwear, group jacket, warm ups and additional uniform options. Uniform fees are due at first class.

All members are required to participate in group fundraising actives put on by competition group parent fundraising committee.

All members are required to enroll in our ACH automatic tuition and adhere to tuition studio polices. Competition Group performance fees are due November 1st and automatically deducted via ACH platform. All other competition group fees are deducted 90 days before competition to secure dancers participation.

2017-2018 Competition Group.jpg

Competition Group Ballet

Photo Credit: Jay Eads

Faculty: Caitlin Christopher

Members Pictures: Grace Ault-Hanlon, Sydney Bineham, Devyn Boonstra, Autumn Dechter, Mayla Garlitz, Sesca Lindh-Nussbaum, Bronwyn Lord, Eloise McFarlane, Jessie McCann, Maggie McCann, Ady Walker, Sarah Dione, Lily Hansen, Savannah Lash, Allyssa Mini, Hanna Pavulans-Sherwood, Devan Strandburg, Sophie Raiskin Wood, Anna Philan, Gabriel Warren.

This 60 min. ballet class is mandatory for all flex Studios competition group members. As one of flex Studios most advanced placement classes auditions and 4 years of previous training is required.

Competition Group Ballet maintains an emphasis on proper vocabulary, body placement, technique, weight distribution, follow through, lines and facility. Attention is paid to the proper extension of the legs and shape of the feet, developing movement sequences, port de bras and balance. In addition, use of the head and upper body, fluidity of port de bras, and intricacies of petite and grand jumps will be covered. This class is paired as the precursor and warm up to the competition group choreography 90min class.

Uniform Requirements

Staying with the tradition of ballet education and technique a mandatory uniform is required.

Hair should be secured in a bun, up and off the face and neck.

Dancers identifying as female wear black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes.

Dancers identifying as male wear fitted white dance tee shirt, black tights and black ballet shoes.

Gender non-conforming or gender-questioning dancers should wear the dress requirements that makes them feel most comfortable.

All body types welcome.