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Spring Break

flex Studios will observe spring break for all families starting Monday March 25th -Sunday March 31st. Classes will resume Monday April 1st.

10 Ways a dancers can stay “dance ready” during spring break

#1. Yoga or Pilates classes. Yoga and Pilates are both so beneficial for dancers. They help build strength and flexibility as well as clarity of mind and focus. Now’s the time to try out some classes.

#2. Stretch at home. Now that it’s warmer, it’s safer and easier to really work on your flexibility. During the spring break there’s ample time in the day to stretch. Stretch while you’re watching TV and sit in a split, butterfly or frog while reading a book. Make sure you are doing stretches you’re comfortable with, though, and don’t hold them too long. No need to go overboard and pull something.

#3. Lift weights. You can do this at the gym, or at home if you have them. If you’re trying to tone muscle, you should use low weights, but do more reps. For building muscle, use higher weight, and do less reps.

#4. Walk/Run. Walking your dog is a great way to stay in shape. When running or walking, make sure you are wearing proper footwear. The last thing you need to develop over time are shin splints from wearing the wrong kind of shoe. 

#5. Swim. Swimming is an excellent way of staying in dance shape. Swimming is great way to get cardio in without putting any pressure on your bones and muscles. It can also be an awesome way to exercise if you are doctoring an injury. Check out our local indoor pools.

#6. Choreograph with friends. This is always fun! Choreographing a dance and then showing it to family and friends is an ideal way of staying in shape for dancers, both physically and artistically.

#7. Journal your goals. Anytime is a great time to think about your goals. Tell your mom, dance teacher, or dance friends so they can help to keep you accountable and on track. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. Setting goals now, right at the start of the break, will help you to keep focused and in shape over these next few months. 

#8. Create a nutrition plan and stick to it! I know…it’s a lot easier said than done. Eating well is important to the health and well-being of every dancer. Dancers need to maintain a well balanced diet to fuel their bodies. A favorite snack of ours is peanut butter and celery…yummm!

#9. Get enough sleep.  Your body needs rest in order to remain in shape. Try getting 8 hours a night during the break.

#10. Get outdoors. Go hiking, explore different trails and waterfalls, and go outside. Less Netflix…more sun! We all know more vitamin D is a necessity for Oregonians.

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